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Collaboration with Christie’s auction house

In April, I collaborated with Christie’s auction house on a project, as part of the team. Our specialists undertook the scanning of two unique suits of armour. I developed the concept for camera movements within the virtual space and was also responsible for filming a Christie’s expert against a green screen. Direct link to […]

Separate files with identical names but different extensions

Problem №1 When you’re taking photos with your camera set to Raw+Jpeg, your phone or camera places both file types into the same folder (e.g., IMG_0001.dng / IMG_0001.jpg). It would be rather convenient if your computer could automatically sort the raw and jpeg files into separate folders. Or at the very least, move all the […]

Terrace (DIY project)

I did all this with my own hands on the terrace, 3x12m in size. There are about 3 cubic meters of wood and about 4 days of work. The difficulty was that the floor was uneven (for water drainage) and I had to calculate the height of all the legs separately in order for the […]