Terrace (DIY project)

I did all this with my own hands on the terrace, 3x12m in size. There are about 3 cubic meters of wood and about 4 days of work. The difficulty was that the floor was uneven (for water drainage) and I had to calculate the height of all the legs separately in order for the bench to be horizontal.
The entire structure was designed for strong winds and passed all tests.
Table 1.5×1.5m with tangent rounding of corners (like iPhone icons, for example) consisting of 13 boards, 15cm wide, treated differently to give originality. The lamps are also DIY. This is a round wooden base with a simple light bulb base. A cinefoil is attached on top, in which different designs are carved for each lamp. One of the lamps shows my nickname – nClear.
The boxes are made from scrap wood.