How to solve the issue on MacOS where ALT key combinations aren’t functioning in Houdini?

How to solve the problem on MacOS where key combinations involving the ALT key don’t work in Houdini? For instance, when you need to expand VEXpression in a separate window.

This issue is not exclusive to Houdini; it also arises in various other programmes like Php/WebStorm, NetBeans, Eclipse, etc.

When you press ALT+[key], your Mac inputs special characters. However, all of this is embedded in the *.keylayout files. You can generate these on the website or use this one directly: DOWNLOAD. It’s an English layout (in 99% of cases, you won’t be using any other letters in Houdini).

This file needs to be placed in the [USERNAME]/library/keyboard layout/ folder. After doing that, open System Preferences, go to keyboard settings, press the plus sign under Input Sources, and add the file you just downloaded from the Others category.